Reach, Preach, Teach

Bishop Tyrone Sellers


Bishop Tyrone Sellers is the Visionary Pastor of the Harvest Revival Christian Fellowship.  Bishop Sellers earned a Masters of Divinity from New Brunswick Theological Seminary, New Burnswick, NJ. He has a passion to serve the Lord Jesus Christ.  Bishop Sellers was born & raised in Brooklyn, NY and attended NYC public schools. He served in the US Air Force and was active during Desert Storm.  Bishop Sellers is a teacher and preacher of the Word of God.  He is active in the community in which he lives and serves God.  He strongly believes by faith and prayer all things are possible. Bishop Sellers is gifted in the area of finance. As a CPA, Bishop Sellers consults many churches, ministries and non-profit organizations.  Bishop Sellers serves as State Bishop of the Metro NYS Full Gospel Baptist Church Fellowship, Bishop Joseph W. Walker III is the International Presiding Bishop of the FGBCFI.